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Barn Style
Height: 8ft, Wall: 4ft

Extended Wall
Height: 10ft, Wall: 6ft

House Style
Height: 10ft, Wall: 8ft

There is a commuting fee for outside of Anchorage

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- Additional Options: Double Door, Door on Side, Ramp,Windows Installation-Labor only

* For 8 ft. wide Barn style extended sheds, Extended wall will be 5 ft. high wall

** For each side of Double door for 10ft. wide sheds will be 1.5ft width and 3.5ft width.


If change to even double door (2.5ft. & 2.5ft.), extra will be charged.

*** MOA(Municipality of Anchorage) requires owners to get a permit for over 120 sq. ft. sheds


So, Permit and plan fee will assessed to these sheds and change price on the sheds.
(Contact sales clerk for more details)